Skits is a video sharing platform where the users post
short videos maximum of 12 seconds and are paid for the videos.

The project skits had two parts to the project one was the user end application where the users record the video and post in on the platform and the other end of the application is limited to the advertisers.The advertisers can create ad campaigns and start their campaigns by engaging the users on the platform. These advertisers mainly included the marketing executives from the brands who enrolled on skits for creating an ad campaign. One of the major challenge while before starting, the project was to understand these marketing executives and the way they use the system was much different from the way a regular user uses the application. While taking to one of the users during the user interview sessions.

I understood that the marketing people have very less but the data that was about to be showing on the system was very huge so while designing the platform, I took at most care to avoid un necessary data on the screen and too care to identify the information seamlessly by using images and charts .

My role in the project was to design the overall system and as well as develop the front of the dashboard, I worked as designer and as well as the developer for the project.

While designing the overall system we followed the agile methodology where we designed developed and deployed the features simultaneously while other features are developed in a sprint manner.

This process helped me to develop the overall dashboard in a much faster way and being the designer and developer it gave me an added advantage to identify the challenges while designing and gave me an extra edge create a seamless experience required for the platform.

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