Paydio is the product that is launched by Wavecrest
for making instant peer-to-peer payments.

It is no doubt that Fintech is indeed a hot topic nowadays. Block chain, bitcoin, P2P lending, AI, VR, tokenization and all the buzzwords are all around. However, sometimes you need a better design and not just the technology to make this money transfer easy. Paydio is the product that is launched by Wavecrest for making instant peer-to-peer payments.

Instant payment solutions require a new digital infrastructure and enable a new payment logic as well as make transactions available within 5 seconds on the account of the recipient, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. One of the major challenges while creating a peer-to-peer payment application is the task flow analysis and keeping the overall view of the application clean.

I worked as the product designer for the application and lead the design team to create a seamless mobile experience for the application. We took almost care in keeping the application clean and neat.

The major design principles that I kept in mind while sketching the solution was to keep the overall application

  • Easy :
    we didn’t wanted to make the peer to peer money transfer a complex application nor we wanted our users to spend huge amount of time on understanding the app.
  • Clarity :
    We ensured that we kept all the information displayed on screen and every step is clearly depicted so as to avoid hidden steps and this we avoided security conflicts .
  • Intuitive :
    when it comes to money the response of the app play a vital role in making or breaking the app. We ensured that the application is intuitive and responds fast to the user, we avoided unnecessary preloaders and ensured the app is fast.

Soon after sketching the ideas, one of the major challenge was to organise the information and articulate the information architecture. After we were confident we with the low fertility wireframe we went ahead and made the high fidelity prototypes using Adobe Experience Design.

It wasn’t an easy market cause payment industry is one such market where the users panic if the information is not displayed proper so we took extra care in keeping the steps clear along with all this we also ensured that the application is trendy and fresh.

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