Falcon is an Anti-money laundering (AML) transaction monitoring
software allows banks and other financial institutions to monitor
customer transactions on a daily basis or in real-time for risk..

Digital banking service meets new regulatory obligations with AML data and flexible screening & monitoring. The mission of the application is to help entrepreneurs by providing a seamless user experience in online banking and business management. Falcon helps in streamlining the operations and ensures continuity to provide top-of-the-line product development and user experience for their end customers.

Falcon is the back office product that is launched by wave crest group for the back office operations to monitor the transactions that were taking place on the system. One of the major problem, which is faced by payment companies in the transactions, is the manual monitoring of the data by the CSR executives and fragmented workflow, which causes delays. This problem is solved by using an AML data feed with an AI driven risk analysis of the data.

I worked as the UI UX designer and developer for Falcon and I was responsible for the visual design and development of the overall project. Along with me there was a front-end engineer supporting me to integrate the solution to the back end database of the system.

Soon after gathering the requirement, we went ahead with the stakeholder interviews we went ahead and freezer the requirements for the first cut of the project. We wanted to execute the design only after defining the problem properly so we conducted multiple workshops before we made the information architecture.

Then we proceeded further to create a low fidelity wireframe and submitted the overall plan to stakeholders once luckily we didn’t had any red flags we went ahead and made a high fidelity working prototype to present the concrete idea of the overall platform using Azure RP. After few iterations, we went ahead with the visual design of the application followed by the front-end development of the overall application.

The UI design was made to be easy for an eye, because users would typically work with the Core Banking system for majority of their workday. Thus, the design was made neutral. In the enterprise Fintech markets, it is tough to get accurate feedback from the actual users, but luckily, we had a team who were located in the same office who gave us genuine feedback, which helped us to improve the overall experience of the product.

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