Digitant, An inbound marketing agency in India and
HubSpot certified partner who provide best inbound marketing
services for b2b tech companies.

Digitant offers consulting and execution services to organizations that rely heavily on digital marketing to achieve growth and sustenance goals. We serve a powerful cocktail of creativity, technology and analytics built on core marketing principles. With an unhealthy obsession for discovering new possibilities, we are able to advise clients on the most effective digital marketing strategies and execute them.

Digitant is the company in the digital marketing space. One of the major challenge while designing the overall branding of the company is understanding the target audience of the company and understanding the competitors of the company.

I was responsible for the overall re-branding of the company and for creating the visual language for the company which can be used as the identity for the company, for making this project possible I worked closed with the founders of the company and as well as the major stakeholders of the company.

I started the design of the branding identity by making the logo of the company, to start the design I identified the potential competitors of the company and understood the market space of the company. Studying the competitors helped me to understand what can be made better and also helped me in understanding the direction I was supposed to avoid so as i don't make the branding identical to the competitors.

I started making the logo with the traditional pen and paper approach and then converted it into the digital format-using illustrator. After making the logo of the company, it was time for me to design the identity of the company. Apart from the digital identity I also ensure that I make the physical elements are also standardized as per as the branding.

Soon after making the branding identity, it was time to make the website ready, which can be marketed on to the internet. After designing the website and creating the landing screen of the website in Photoshop, I worked with the company and made multiple iterations to the design and soon after the design is freezed, I went ahead and coded the website using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Soon after that, we hosted the website into the internet.

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