Dhaawat is a coupon website where a person can get coupons
for buying products from the e commerce websites.

Dhaawat is a coupon website where a person can get coupons for buying products from the e commerce websites. Dhaawat was tied up with multiple partners including Flipkart, lenskart, paytm etc. One of the major problem that we wanted to solve was to help the user in getting proper coupons to buy online products thus helping him in getting a discounted price on the overall product; I led the design of Dhaawat for the web platform.

I led the efforts of discovering the user’s pain points and design a better user experience. I also researched on ideas that met both customer needs and business goals. I prioritised and negotiated features for the first release. I designed the wireframes, mock-ups, and prototypes. Coordinated with developers to ensure proper implementation of the design.

I started off my design by making the competitive analysis I did a thorough research of your fellow competitors can help us identify what they did right and more importantly, what are they doing wrong. However, due to a strict deadline, I did a short online research of the major firms like couponduniya, couponraja, nearbuy etc, who are involved in this business. Few of these sites were beautiful but the usability was a major issue. I proceeded further and created user personas, people who wanted to shop online and are looking for discounted prices, these involved various users from different age groups and different locations use this platform.

Pen and paper is the quickest of all diagramming tools, I started sketching out possible solutions to our problem. I made wireframes for the overall applications and started working on the paper prototyping of the application. While designing the e commerce platforms less is always better. That does not hold true over here.Through an extensive online research on how other companies are displaying their products, services and how they are marketing themselves, widened my understanding about the industry. This helped me in figuring out the basic details that are needed for the website. After that, I designed the Visual language of the platform and started making the design; I was also responsible for the development of the application.

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