Cubatic .

Cubatic Construction create custom designed renovations, extensions
and first floor additions in association with architects and homeowners.

Cubatic Construction's work is characterised by attention to detail, innovative materials and results that stay true to the character and quality of the original home. To our way of thinking, a Cubatic logo equals pedestrian company.

The solution for Cubatic was based around the concept of ‘simple and clever’ – my aim was to deliver a clever branding and identity, and therefore communicate Cubatic unique approach. Since 2000, they have been built on solid relationships and a relentless pursuit of their clients’ success—taking ownership of every aspect of the construction process.

I was responsible for the designing and the branding of the cards and the design of the marketing material. This project involved designing of the package material for cubatic , the website design and development and as well as designing the flyers which are used for marketing.

Soon after building the logo, I worked on developing a visual identity to the company and came up with the variants of colors that can be used for the company. After that it was time to build the website of the company, we proceeded further and designed the website using proper branding guidelines and developed the overall website using parallax effects.

One major aspect I wanted to concentrate was to create the website within a single page approach and keep it short and crisp. I focused on removing unwanted text and used more of images and icons to represent the information rather than making long text.

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