My Choice .

MyChoice Corporate Prepaid cards allow businesses
to streamline commission, business, incentive, and travel payments.

My choice offers a seamless payment experience that enables the enterprise users to create cards for the employees. These cards can be distributed to the employees and they can use it to make transactions.

One of the major challenge while working on the project was creating a seamless experience for creating cards by the enterprise users to distribute among the users.

I was responsible for the product design of the solution and I was responsible for Conceptualising and designing the product from scratch.

I followed the human centric design approach to come up with user interface of the product. soon after the user interviews with the users which included the CSR executives and the managers I understood that the major problem was the data that is being entered has to be entered correctly a lot of times it happens that people enter wrong details, That is realised after the physical card is achieved.

It is observed that 60% of time the data entered is wrong and thus increasing the cost of making physical cards.

The major thing I learnt in this project was this that, agile and user centric design helps in better understanding of the product.

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