Alexa is an internal application that is designed for the
internal employees for the staff of the hotel.
Alexa is designed and is launched for the iPads and tablets.

Alexa is an internal application that is used by the hotels and the accommodation people for providing services to the customers in the hotel. Alexa is specially designed as a web tool for the internal employees and it is mainly accessed by people using the iPad provided to them,

One of the major challenges while doing internal tools is the understanding of the ecosystem in which the company is in and adapting to the UX process for quicker yet perfect results.

I worked as the user experience and User interface designer for the project, I was responsible for building the overall solution with proper visual elements, Along with that I was also responsible for communicating with the developers to develop the application and get it working on the iPad of the employees.

My goal while making the application was to ensure that the end user gets his job done and solve the problem that just arises. I started my design process by understanding the day-to-day tasks for these employees and I focused on solving their problems and tried to make the application, which can complement to their daily activities. After building the empathy with the users and I went ahead and made the wireframe for the overall solution.

After making the low fidelity wireframe it was time to make some traditional paper prototyping to ensure that the design solves the purpose or not . Once after the prototyping is done and I was confident I went ahead, made the high fidelity wireframe, and built the overall prototype for the wireframe. After that, it was time to develop the application. The major reason I developed the application is to test the overall application with real time data and to get a Proof of concept for the solution.

Soon after the phase-1 of development is done. I proceeded further and fixed the user interface of the application before going live.Internal product managers do not face all the same challenges as external ones. Internal PMs Face a slightly different set of product-related challenges and their own unique set of KPIs, which they must deliver against.

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