Skits is a video sharing platform where the post short videos
maximum of 12 seconds and are paid for the videos.

About the project

Skits Inc.



Product designer and developer


There are a lot of video creation and sharing platforms available, SKITS was one similar platform with an added benefit, which not only allowed its users to create short videos and share them. But also provided them an option of earning predefined incentives by doing what they enjoyed doing, provided they create videos for brands strategizing their digital marketing campaigns in form of these promotional short videos created by SKITS users.

It was a win-win situation where brands used SKIT to run their campaigns being aware of the fact that digital marketing is a driving force in the current generation for any business and SKIT Users who created these videos and shared were provided with points, which could be reimbursed in multiple ways. As per the design, A user who could create a 12 Second video with a mixture of the fun elements along with creativity leading brands towards a widespread distribution of their product videos.

The Problem

This project was built on the belief that the prevailing online interactions between brands and consumers could be made richer with properly aligned incentives.

At the time of the product design, the major concern the stakeholders expressed was the mobile screen life experience. One of the major challenges of the application was increasing the amount of time the users spend on the application. Special care was taken in order to keep the business goals to align with the user goals.

Another biggest challenge was the information architecture across the web dashboard, which was designed for the managers to launch the application and was used to launch the ad campaigns. Special care was taken to keep the core features as simple as possible, and yet to create a well-built mobile adaptation of the comprehensive recording platform we also had to keep up fast, nevertheless develop a user-friendly product.


Users & Audience

The essence of SKITS lies in people socially active who can create and share videos with friends and followers targeting the maximum reach of the audience.


These users are mostly found in the age group of 16–30 who are active on social media and are good with networking. We also believed that there are no age brackets to obtain this casual entertainment either by being active to create or by viewing the created.

The major section of the users used the application through mobile phone and to ensure that the UI/UX is seamless, we ensured that we use the right colors and proper branding in order to attract the right crowd.

The Design Solution

SKITS was indeed one of the toughest projects we worked on the reason being behind is its varied set of audience and the complexity of the application.

While designing the mobile application we ensured we took special care to make it as attractive as possible with be it with respect to the colors or with respect to the user interface as we were targeting the varying audience Who could find it easily interactive to upload their fun and creative videos while others being brand managers who launched the ad campaigns and who wanted to engage the users. Adding to this handling the incentives was also a challenging solution keeping the applications response time in consideration.


We planned to have two different landing pages one for the users and the other for the advertisers. The main concentration was on keeping the website trendy and modern and at the same time, we focused on making it professional for the advertisers who play a major role in the revenue of the application.

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