My Choice Corporate.

My choice corporate is a prepaid banking application product of the Wavecrest group.
My Choice Corporate Prepaid cards allow businesses to streamline payments.

About the project

Wavecrest Group.

My Choice


Product designer and developer


My choice corporate is a prepaid banking application product of the Wavecrest group. My Choice Corporate Prepaid cards allow businesses to streamline commission, business, incentive, and travel payments and control expenditures with enhanced convenience, flexibility, and security. Businesses can easily make payments across multiple currencies without the need for cardholder bank accounts or cheque issuance.

My Choice Corporate is perfect for corporations seeking an easy and automated way to pay commissions, incentives, and to make other payments to affiliates, customers, employees, and business partners. Using my choice corporate people can set up for the standard program as quickly as 72 hrs and the company can start issuing and loading cards for the payees straight away.

The Problem

The financial sector is the market, which is acting too slowly in the move to comprehensive digital services.

Few banking companies still cannot believe that the majority of customers would like to use simple web applications with minimal data. On the same lines, the major problem while creating products like My choice corporate was planting the idea and making it a win-win situation while creating the application for the business partner and as well as the consumers.

After making the user research of the product the major problem in designing the challenges while designing the platform was the navigation of how the users had to navigate through to do simple tasks, The onboarding procedure of the platform was confusing and new users had to struggle to understand simple options on the platform and the information on the screens was too much for any user to understand and process.


Users & Audience

My choice corporate is the product, which is used by small and mid-scale companies, as a business solution, which was sold to the companies, and these companies, would enroll on the platform and use the product.


The companies who enrolled on the platform were called as business partners. Along with the business partners, there were individual consumers who can access their portal through the web or through the mobile application.

Therefore, there is a varied set of audience for the application, which had the professionally trained employees of the company who access the Business partner portal, and there were normal users who access the consumer side of the platform who can access the portal with the mobile app or with the web.

The Design Solution

After spending quite a good amount of time on understanding the users and understanding the product, we were able to come with a design solution that was ready to go to the users.

While designing the app we ensured that the screens were clear and self-explanatory. The major problem that we addressed in the proposed design was making the platform responsive enough so that people can access across all devices and I made sure that the navigation easy across the complete platform. Along with that, I ensured that the onboarding process is smooth and flexible for the Business partners to enroll their business on the platform and made to onboard an employee on to the platform.


After delivering the application, I performed a user-testing program and quickly realized that the efficiency of the business partners has increased. We performed the unmoderated remote usability testing as we wanted robust and we did not want to burn too much of the funding on the user testing scenarios. After the usability testing, we went ahead and created an A/B testing plan to obtain the results and with the feedback from the users, we were able to improve the overall experience of the product.

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