I craft digital
products, that are

Recent Works .

Every project starts out with an idea.
A vision of creative designs transforms that idea to life.
Being inspired and collaborating with that vision has been my goal.
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Case Studies .


Skits is an online video sharing platform that allows users get paid for creating videos that get featured by brands. Skits users will be paid for promoting user-generated videos that are featured by brands.
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My Choice.

My Choice Corporate is perfect for corporations seeking an easy and automated way to pay commissions, incentives and to make other payments to affiliates, customers, employees and business partners.
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Falcon is an Anti-money laundering (AML) transaction monitoring software allows banks and other financial institutions to monitor customer transactions on a daily basis or in real-time for risk..
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Verve .

Verve is the google glass application that is designed exclusively for the network administrators working in data centres to provide complete and comprehensive data of the servers. Verve is used for monitoring and network performance.
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